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The Rosé Wine, Creator of Tastes and Flavors, 

travelling in different gastronomic worlds
in a mode of conviviality never equaled!

guide international du vin rose - Monaco
image contient la tour eiffel paris et les medailles diamant et argent concours vin gastronomie
Successful marriages and perfect pairings!

A national wine competition in Bordeaux,  the international wine capital, only the wines of France in competition, tasted and judged exclusively by international female experts.

image contient place  du palais bordeaux et medailles de vins
image contient place caramy brignoles médailles concours de vins

TERROIR, magic word, untranslatable, part of geography, part of history, 
as a tribute to the hard work of our winegrowers in the vineyard 
and the common sense of our winemakers in the cellar. 
With Wine and Terroir, we enter right into 
what is now called "the World of Wine Tourism".
guide international du vin rose - Monaco

Incredible Rosé Wines, here in all its dimension and potential!
Le Vin Rosé - Rosé Wine - Vino Rosato - Roséwein - Vino Rosado - Vinho Rosado – Roséwijn - Wino Różowe - Pозовое Bино - როზეს ღვინო - Розово вино - Vi Rosat - 桃红葡萄酒 - Vinu Rosatu - Vino od Ruža - יין רוזה - Bor Rózsaszínű - ロゼワイン - Vinum Rosea - Rožinis Vynas - Pinkish Wäin - Inbid Fir-Roża - Ružové Víno - Rosaaktig Vin - Růžové Víno – ไวน์ชมพู - Pembe Şarap - النبيذ الورود - Вино Роз - Wayini Rosa - Rượu Vang Hồng - Ranm
The Best World-Class Rosé Wines for all Tastes, Genres and Styles.

image contient monaco et les medailles du concours femme vin

First French approved wine contest exclusively tasted by women.
This competition is also the first internationally-oriented by wines from all over the world but also because the wines are exclusively tasted by professional women and oenophiles warned international.
This international competition is also intended to encourage and highlight the role of women and the professions they perform in the world of wine and wine internationally.

Spirits from around the world tasted and judged exclusively by women.
One and only international competition with such an original concept.


EDITION 5 - March 08, 2020
We will celebrate 2020

"Women and the Vine and Wine Professions Internationally"

around a "Finger Lunch Cocktail"
Accompanied by Wines and Spirits
Selected and awarded in the 2020 wine and spirits competitions!

67th Chapter of the
 Under the Houlette Of Its President Gilles BRUNNER
Induction of International Female Tasters

With the participation of Monaco Sommeliers Associaition
 Under the Houlette Of Its President Dominique MILARDI
Open Tasting Wines Women's DAY

Spirits from around the world tasted and judged exclusively by women.
One and only international competition with such an original concept.

Exclusivity for Wines and Spirits 
awarded and selected from the world wine competitions